Chedere din cauciuc EPDM

Chederele din cauciuc sintetic extrudat EPDM sunt produse in culorile MARO, ALB, NEGRU. Profilul, in sectiune: *E (9 x 4 mm), *P (9 x 5,5 mm), *D (9 x 6,5 mm). Chederele din cauciuc negru: profil D (8 x 10 mm) rola 50 m.l. Caracteristicile tehnice: * Viata lunga (6-8 ani) . * Rezistente la razele UV. * Rezistente la ozon. * Rezistente la umiditate. * Rezistente la temperatura:-55 grade + 100 grade C. * Aplicatii: etansare usi si ferestre pentru evitarea curentilor de aer rece sau cald, a patrunderii prafului, mirosurilor si zgomotelor, si altele . * Livrare: role de 100 m.l.; blister role de 6 m.l. Rezistenta la ozon.

Chedere E,P,D

TENSTIK - Chedere din cauciuc sintetic extrudat EPDM. * Profile uzuale: E, P, D. * Dimensiuni: E (9 x 4 mm); P (9 x 5,5 mm); D ( 9x 6,5 mm). * Caracteristici: -Rezistenta la razele UV. - Rezistenta la umiditate. - Rezistenta la temperatura: -55 grade + 100 grade C. -Durata de viata lunga: 6- 8 ani. * Aplicatii: izolarea fonica, termica, impotriva patrunderii mirosurilor, etc. * Livrare: role de 100 ml sau blister de 6 ml si 10 ml.

Cheder D, E negru

KRONOSTIK D - Chedere din cauciuc sintetic extrudat EPDM. *Profile uzuale : D ( 8 x 10 mm), ( 12 x 10 mm); E ( 9 x 3 mm), (9 x 4 mm), (10 x 5 mm), (15 x 4 mm). *Caracteristici: - Rezistenta la umiditate; - Rezistenta la ozon; - Rezistenta la razele ultraviolete. - Durabilitate mare (peste 5 ani). - Rezistenta la temperatura: - 55 grade + 100 grade; * Livrare: E negru: 100 ml x 9 x 3 mm; 100 ml x 9 x 4 mm; 100 ml x 10 x 5 mm; 100 ml x 15 x 4 mm. -D negru: 50 ml x 8 x 10 mm; 75 ml x 12 x 10 mm; 50 ml x 14 x 12 mm; 50 x 21 x 17 mm.

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Propranolol dosage for performance anxiety in patients with irritable bowel syndrome. [1] The average effective dose for propranolol in patients with anxiety disorders was 3.0 mg (range: 2.0–5.0 total dose) on a 100 mg/day schedule with dose-related range of side effects, including gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms. [2] When the dose is increased to 4 mg per day in patients with anxiety disorders, the dose-related GI side effects are reported to be more likely occur. [3] While a combination is indicated in the management of irritable bowel generic pharmacy usa syndrome (IBS-D) in the elderly, an anxiolytic (Aquarius®) is preferred for the elderly as a generalist agent for anxiety disorders. [4] In patients with mild to moderate constipation, the use of propranolol is not recommended as it may cause a mild gastrointestinal disturbance. [5] In patients with symptomatic, but non-painful, dyspepsia, propranolol dosage is reduced by half. [6] Propranolol is indicated in the treatment of restless legs syndrome (RLS). [7] The dosage of propranolol is based on the amount of fluid ingested. In an average patient, the daily dose is reduced by 0.7–1 mg of propranolol per kg body weight. [8] The daily dosage is increased to 3.0 mg/kg of body weight when propranolol is given to patients with severe renal impairment. [9] Dosage for the management of anxiety should be reduced in patients with concomitant medications (such as benzodiazepines, CNS depressants, etc.). A dose of 50–100 mg per day for more than one month is usually considered ineffective. [10] The maximum dosing frequency for propranolol in infants is 6 mg/kg/day; for wi